POS Carnival, the Ultimate Growth of Your Business

In our journey together we’re going to give you a smooth path for your business to boost your success

Point of Sale for all

A POS System built to be used by any business in the world. Easy to both, set up and use.
This POS is here to transform your business.

POS Carnival for Restaurant

A POS system designed to accelerate and transform the complete operations of your restaurant, front and back.

POS Carnival for Super Store

The POS System to empower your super store. It will speed up your store management by taking care of every useful information seamlessly.

POS Carnival for Coffee Shop

A POS system to boost the sales of your coffee shop by managing inventory, manpower and sales.

POS Carnival for Pharmacy

From knowing which medicines you have to how many you sold over a time period, keeping all records thus giving you power to only take informed decisions about your pharmacy.

POS Carnival for Retail

A POS system built to assist retail stores manage staff, sales and inventories, both online and in bricks and mortars.

POS Carnival for Bookstore

A POS system that will keep record of all books coming in and going out of your store. You only need to sit back and relax while the POS takes care of the rest.

The Ultimate POS System

We'll Complete the Missing Piece of Your Business

We Take Care of Managing Your Business Products and Accounts so that You Can Make Your Valuable Time More Productive & Boost Your Business

Transform Your Business

Safe & Secure Processes

Access From Anywhere

Use Any Device

Top Quality Service

Easy of Use

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The Ultimate POS System

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Download the file after purchasing. The file will contain all the documentation and staff to be started. POS carnival will set up a pos admin panel for you. When the Dashboard of your admin panel will be ready you’ll be able to start using the POS right away. You’ll be given a login credential for logging into your admin panel. After the successful login you can discover all the features and utilize them all in a minute.

Within 5 minutes of your form submission, you’ll have the complete POS system ready for your store. The form will be given after the checkout process. You don’t need to do anything except filling up the form(We provide) for having the POS software. Just provide the right information and help our developers to create your entire POS admin panel. .

After completing your dashboard. We’ll provide you the dashboard via the email that you used in the checkout. The email will contain your admin login credential (Username & Password) along with some instructions to use the POS.

POS Carnival’s helping hand is always open for you, We have a support forum. If you face any issues or have anything to know about the POS software just open a ticket in the support forum. We’ll get back to you very soon regarding your ticket. You’ll get the ticket system support after a successful purchase. Moreover, You can get our support via our support email. support@developerscarnival.com or the Whatsapp business Account: 01757052105

Cloud-based POS is a type of POS software that allows the user to access it from anywhere, using any device. It is specially hosted on a live server. So, the user can use it all around the globe with an Internet connection.

The short answer is NO. A Hosting will be required to host the POS because the system is fully cloud-based. But you don’t have to buy particularly any domain or hosting to run our POS. POS Carnival will take all the responsibilities of it. We also don’t charge any extra fees for this. If you have any previous domain and hosting configured we can set up the POS in yours too.

No, POS Carnival doesn’t come up with any domain hosting services. But, it will bear all the cost and stuff to host your POS system. There are no extra charges for this.

Absolutely Not. There are no hidden fees, long-term contact, setup fees, refund fees. POS carnival only receives the monthly or yearly subscriptions of the Product.

You can use any method to receive payments. Cash, credit card, debit card bank account. If you don’t use cash then just put the transaction id to store sales details.

You can accept payments via cash, cards, checks, bank transfer from your customer.

We receive payments via PayPal along with any credit/debit cards

Yes, Definitely. Our POS software is responsible and compatible with any device.

Yes. Inventory Management is one of the main and principal features of POS Carnival.

Yup. You can use the Point of Sale software in your small business.